Sunday, June 28, 2009

Llamas and Lounging

Today is officially "Llama Day" here at Holden Village. Llamas are pack animals and are utilized by the US Forest Service to help maintain hiking trails. Today 7 llamas arrived on our luggage truck! Not our average delivery! Soon Main Street (well, the only street) was filled with curious folks aiming to touch, photograph, and otherwise encounter the llamas. The llamaliers (the couple who care for the llamas) passed the reigns over to the village kids and let us interact with them. It was amazing! Rumor has it the llamas will make an appearance in our 4th of July parade!

This afternoon the sun is shining and making for a great day to be outside enjoy friends and slack lining. Ice cream too. What a great day!

82 kids are scheduled to be in Narnia next week- time for me to relax and gear up for that (and not be on the computer)!

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